• Video content Index
  • Video content dissemination monitor
  • Media channel management
  • User feature profile monitor
  • Brand communication monitor
  • Actors influence evaluation
Public Version
Professional Version

With a professional analytical research model, value research system and big data management system, CMMR provides professional and systematic services in media communication channels, video consumption behaviors, audience research insights as well as communication, monitoring and big data analysis of video content network for government departments, TV media, media companies, operators and advertisers.

CMMR integrate a huge media database which covering the Video Content, Communication Channel, User Behavior, Actors online influence and Brand Communication. The research dimension and analysis index are comprehensive and three-dimensional, which is the strong support for CMMR professional leading research and consulting services.

  • Database of Online video content database

    video:110,000 +

  • Database of TV programs

    TV programs:13,000+ & TV series:17000+

  • BENAVIOPDatabase of Internet users behavior

    130 million users

  • PUBLIC FIGURESDatabase of Actors online influence


  • ADVERTISNGDatabase of Advertising online communication monitoring


As a witness of the development and the trend of industry, we provide the most cutting-edge, hottest industry information, the best industry hot spots and trend analysis, and the latest industry channels and content data.