C-Win Video Big Data Platform

The C-Win platform owns as much as 110000 independent IP video content data and has the largest video transmission and monitoring database in the industry with comprehensive and stereoscopic analysis index and dimension. The accurate and timely data can help to quantify the video transmission effect, marketing value and consumer value, and carry out finest analysis according to the needs of users. 
The platform is built on state-of-the-art cloud computing center and server cluster, which collects data from massive online information, manages the data through efficient segmentation and indexing technologies, and provides multivariate data support for media convergence transmission, content incubation operation, performance brokers building, and advertisement value evaluation using professional data mining models and analysis systems.
As China's the first video big data automated analysis platform in the media industry, C-Win leads the era of platform-based media big data, which provides direction for video marketing and promotion and is the best tool for whole-process IP video operation based on big data.
The video content big data retrieval and monitoring section is an important part of C-Win Platform. This section involves a wide range of major video content and online video content databases, such as TV channel, TV programs, video sites, online self-made programs, TV dramas, online dramas, news programs, documentaries, sports events, big galas, movies, and anime, etc. These databases can provide powerful data support for content transmission and monitoring, planning and production, marketing and promotion, and trend prediction.


The Communication Channel data section of C-Win Platform is based on the large-scale household survey databases conducted by CMMR for 20 consecutive years. The platform presents the audience coverage scale, monthly population scale, stable audience scale, audience’s loyalty and preferences in China’s 1318 million TV audience market including overall and regional, provincial, municipal household living markets on hundreds of TV channels of China (including satellite channels, terrestrial channels, overseas TV, digital commercial channels, SD channels and HD channels). 
It also dynamically shows the channel scale and structural value of the TV and media channels. In addition, the platform comprehensively monitors and presents the signal relay and broadcast bit order status of all levels of cable TV public networks in China’s 3142 districts and counties of hundreds of TV channels as well as of 1000 IPTV operators in cities at or above the prefecture level. The dynamic and digital chart of LY Platform can help users understanding TV coverage channel and user scale value and conducting information management of TV  coverage channel construction.


The public figures data section contains multi-dimensional data (such as online publishing, fans comments and click rates) of 19,000 active artists on screen and network who are specifically labeled and constantly updated in the database. The exposure, hot degree, reputation and influence of the artists are comprehensively monitored from five dimensions with ten indicators. CRITIC objective weight calculation method is adopted to construct an evaluation system for artists’ online impact. This section can reflect the popularity of artists on the network, develop their potential value, manage the information and image of artists, and provide data support for casting of film and television works. 


C-Win mobile public version instrumentalized C-Win Platform’s product systems, which truly realized the universal application of big data of film and television industry. C-Win public version provides daily list and weekly list of online transmission index of TV channels, variety shows, TV dramas, documentaries, public figures and evening prime-time TV programs. Users can easily get the latest high quality IP network transmission performances in video industry. 


 "C-Win Real-time"onitoring tool is an IP growth service tool specially designed for video IP. Based on CMMR’s strong data collection, computation and analysis capabilities, “C-Win Real-time” can constantly (minute-level) monitor the promotion, discussion and simmering of relevant IP content, including the top searches and trend, hot topics, contribution trend of artists, relevant topics on artists, positive and negative judgment, and negative public opinion warning, etc. “C-Win Real-time” is a useful tool to identify high quality promotion channels, promotion timing and users’ concerns during IP construction.


CMMR established a corporate brand propagation monitoring database and influence evaluation system. This section monitors the public opinions of the online propagation of more than 30,000 enterprises, and analyzes the propagation influence, reputation, propagation characteristics and trend of corporate brand and advertiser; it can also analyze the influence promotion effect of advertising sponsorship and placement marketing by corporate brand and advertiser through film and television works, evaluates the contribution, awareness promotion and consumption transformation effect of film and television works on corporate advertising brand, and studies the correlation between film and television works with corporate brand.