About CMMR

China Mainland Media Research Co., Ltd (CMMR) is one of the most authoritative and professional media audience research and consulting institutions in China. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mainland Media Research Group Corporation. CMMR is not affiliated to any media and its independence as a third-party institution ensures the objectivity and impartiality of the research data.
CMMR has 23 years of experience in media audience and market research in China. By now it has developed into a top media-consulting think tank, which integrates professional high-tech capabilities such as big data collection, big data platform construction, video content development and evaluation, and data driven media project research and development.
  • 23 years of insight into
    the media market
  • Commitment as an independent
    third party brand
  • A top comprehensive
    media- consulting
    think tank
  • A big data company focusing
     various video

CMMR Culture

  • Vision

    We are committed to becoming a high- tech, capitalized and century- old international consulting enterprise. We are now accelerating the establishment of an international big data monitoring and information collection system. We expect to enhance our comprehensive strength and brand influence.

  • Management Philosophy

    CMMR is willing to provide comfortable working environment and reasonable incentive mode for employees. Through the gradual improvement of staff training system and career development channels, we manage to cultivate and retain talent as well as helping them explore and fulfill their potential. We fully respect and trust our employees. While working, we support them with constant guidance and encouragement so that they could experience the joy of achievement. We are always focusing on building a professional and dedicated team with continuous learning habit.

  • CMMR Value
    • Open mind: CMMR believes that we can keep up with the times only when we are open- minded and liberation thought represent a company’s broad mind.
    • Sharing: CMMR advocates sharing and learning among employees so that we can make progress together.
    • Collaboration: CMMR advocates the idea of people oriented, cooperation, and full enthusiasm, which are inspiring characters of enterprise spirit. 
    • Responsibility: CMMR advocates that every employee of the company should be responsible and full of positive energy

Advisory Team

  • 赵水福
    赵水福 国家新闻出版广电总局政策法规司前司长、高级编辑
  • 任锦鸾
    任锦鸾 中国传媒大学经管学部经济与管理学院院长、教授、博士生导师
  • 李岚
    李岚 国家新闻出版广电总局发展研究中心信息所所长、中国广电蓝皮书副主编
  • 王长潇
    王长潇 北京师范大学新闻传播学院副院长、教授、博士生导师
  • 金文雄
    金文雄 国家新闻出版广电总局监管中心原副主任
  • 尹学东
    尹学东 北京大学、中国传媒大学客座教授
  • 冯士雍
    冯士雍 中国科学院数学与系统科学研究院研究员、博士生导师
  • 卜彦芳
    卜彦芳 中国传媒大学经管学部教授、博士生导师、中国传媒大学传媒经济研究所所长
  • 柯惠新
    柯惠新 中国信息协会市场研究业分会名誉会长、中国传媒大学教授、博士生导师
  • 赵曙光
    赵曙光 南京大学紫金传媒研究院(北京)副院长、教授
  • 刘燕南
    刘燕南 中国传媒大学受众研究中心主任、教授、博士生导师
  • 周江
    周江 北京美兰德信息集团董事长
  • 陆地
    陆地 北京大学视听传播研究中心主任、教授、博士生导师
  • 崔燕振
    崔燕振 美兰德媒体咨询董事总经理
  • 金兼斌
    金兼斌 清华大学新闻与传播学院教授、博士生导师

Company Honor

  • The only socio-economic research company recognized by the World Bank in mainland China (Registration number: 118316)

  • The first batch of Class A foreign- related investigation agencies granted by National Bureau of Statistic.

  • The only market research institution in mainland China that has collaborated with Forbes Magazine for years.


  • High- tech enterprise




  • China Advertising Association Membership Certificate

  • China documentary industry service platform council member


  • Beijing Advertising Association outstanding contribution unit

  • China Association Of National Advertisers brand strategic alliance secretary-general unit

  • China Documentary Association Council Member


  • China Technology Consulting Association Council Member

  • Reputation Member Unit awarded by Beijing Science and Technology Consulting Industry Association

  • Jiayuguan international Short Film Festival strategic partner

  • The industrial research base of Economics and Management Academy of Communication University of China

  • Beijing Normal University——C-Win video big data mining research demonstration base

  • China (Guangzhou) Documentary Festival top tem documentary promoters In China

  • China's most industry-contributing data company(2014)

  • The most industry- contributing data company 2013

  • The most industry- contributing data company 2012

  • China's Most Influential Service Agency Award 2011
  • China's Most Influential Service Agency Award 2010

  • Second-class Creative Excellence Award 2010

  • Third-class Creative Excellence Award 2010

  • Third-class Creative Excellence Award 2010

  • 2009 Jian Yuan Award- Annual TV Marketing Outstanding Contribution Award

  • China Top 60 Most Influential Service and Communication Companies 2009

  • First-class Creative Excellence Award 2008

  • Second-class Creative Excellence Award 2008

  • Third-class Creative Excellence Award 2008

  • The sixth China Advertiser Summit- the most industry-contributing data company

  • The fifth China Advertiser Summit- the most industry-contributing data company.

  • The forth China Advertiser Summit- the most industry-contributing data company.

  • The third Jian Yuan China Advertiser Award- the Most Industry- contributing Data Company Award.


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